Object not found error in ImportCSV extension

I am using importcsv extension http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/importcsv/

but endup with Object not found! error…please help me.

I have followed these steps

1)downloaded and extracted the folder to modules

2)made changes to config/main.php

3)opened the url http:// …/importcsv

Where am I going wrong? Any help is appreciated?



I am in the same boat as you and it appears there is no one willing to take the time to answer this question.

I even tried on the yii online chat.

If you do find out please post your results as I am sure there are others out there that would like to know.


same here!

there seems to be an error with a redirect.

Hi All,

In the same boat with these guys. I figure it has something to do with the path setting in main.php

Ive seen posts talk about the download.js ‘action’ variable, but from what I see its correct (its calling the correct action in the DefaultController)

I’ve played with the path both on local versions of my project(Yii and WAMP) and online versions and I’m about to throw it in the rubbish.

Any help with this is appreciated.

Hello People,

I am in the same boat as you and I really can’t figure it out since I am new to yii and don’t understand too much of the codes. If you ever find the solution please share it. Thanks a lot.