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Nutritionix was founded in March of 2010 by Matt and Danny when they realized a deficiency in available online nutritional information. We fell into the single guy routine of eating out with every meal and enjoying one too many happy hours. After gaining a few pounds and having a ten-year old beat us at pull-ups, we realized we needed to step up our game. Cooking at home wasn’t a feasible option with our busy schedules, so changing what we ate and making more informed decisions while at restaurants was our goal. After downloading app after app, and visiting restaurant website after website, the nutritional information reported was severely inadequate and not customizable to our needs. Both of our goals differed, one to trim down and one to bulk up.

This aspect inspired Nutritionix. We didn’t want a site dedicated to just losing weight or calorie-counting, we wanted to serve any and all dietary aspirations, be it flexing at the pool or making sure everything was moving in the same direction while running. So, we gathered a great team of programmers, nutritionists, and fitness gurus to deliver accurate and comprehensive nutritional information. Our database of restaurant nutrition comes directly from restaurants themselves, so there is no guessing on whether Nutritionix’s information is accurate. We hope you enjoy using Nutritionix to make healthier decisions, stay on track, and fulfill your dietary needs. It is our goal to build a community of users who can share tricks, ideas, and tasty yet healthy meals at all the favorite restaurants.

[size="5"]Yii Components[/size]

CWebUser was extended to add functionality for handling cookies easier and also to allow us to keep information regarding guest users. Some of this functionality includes giving guest users a nickname, ability to perform actions in the website and then to save those actions if the user decided to register.

CUrlManager was extended to allow us to specify rules specific to a subdomain.

CController was extended to output JSON, html or xml using the render method.

CConsoleCommands were created to process file uploads and to send emails to the user submitting uploads from the admin interface.

CActiveForm was extended to facilitate the ability to validate and submit forms using AJAX.

[size="5"]Other important features[/size]

Ability to set the site into maintaintence mode for all users except for the developers to allow them to test the new updates.

RBAC hiercharchy in which we have super admin roles(can perform all actions within the public and admin site), then admins for specific restaurants, these admins can only perform actions within their respective restaurants in the admin site.

Timezone manager component to display timestamps according to the current users timezone (for registered users and guest users).

Facebook component to allow users to access the site via their Facebook accounts.

[size="5"]Yii Extensions[/size]

ExtendedClientScript, RRGridView, RRListView

Great Job guys…!!!

i’m Just Lovin it… :)

Nice design,great piece of work.Specially a subject you have selected is damn good.

Congratulations for your great efforts.

Nice work. Which Facebook component did you use? Is it an existing extension?

Thanks for the comments. We created our own one

Yesterday we upgraded the look of

And also implemented caching using APC.

wow, how did I miss this site! AWESOME!


perfect, i love the functionality

Thank you guys for the positive comments. Matt and Danny have big plans for this website powered by the wonderful Yii framework.

Very nice website, I like design.

Fantastic. Excellent design, great UX and brilliant business idea. Well done guys.

Very impressive. I would only suggest using a search that auto loads like google.

good man

Greetings Fellow Yii Devs,

I’m Matt, Co-Founder of Nutritionix. I greatly appreciate all of the nice feedback everyone has left us. We have worked tremendously hard on the site over the last 12 months, and we are very proud of all the things we were able to accomplish. Yii specifically has helped us greatly streamline our development process, while making it relatively easy for us to utilize significant Yii caching mechanisms to ensure our site can handle load spikes.

Our goal is to focus on restaurant nutrition for the time being, and you can browse our massive restaurant directory to see what I’m talking about.

If anyone has any more specific items of feedback, or questions about our site, myself or Vince (Our developer and OP of this thread) would be more than happy to answer.

Thanks again for taking the time to give us feedback!

Thanks so much iM, and also thank you for featuring us in your podcast! :D

I believe I found a bug. I just posted a comment under Chipotle and I refresh the page and it still says there is 0 comments.

Weird i can see it

Travis Durant:

My favorite burrito is 995 calories!

can you please check this page


Is this related to the comments not displaying? I can see it if that is the case.

What browser are you using?

I can see it now too. I posted the comment, refreshed the page and it said 0 comments. I kept refreshing and it eventually said 1 comment. Whats weird is I refreshed again and it said 0 comments… I kept refreshing and it went back and forth from 1 to 0 a couple of times. Maybe 2 or 3 times. I don’t know, maybe I am doing something wrong but I thought I would at least let you know.

Hi tburandt,

Thanks for the heads up. I guess it’s just a bug with disqus but I can see the comment that you posted

I also want to help everyone who like the site. The forum has been a great help especially for me who is a newbie on Yii and php framework and this is the first project where I use a framework.

Please feel free to post any bugs and we’ll check it asap.

Thanks again

Leejay - one of the devs on the site