Number format in CGridView

I think this question is entry level. I used the following code to initialize a CGridView

  	$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(


    	'columns'=>array('fromcompanyname:text:From','totaldue:number:Amount Due'),	


The result of this code

'totaldue:number:Amount Due'

is that 45.04 becomes 45.

If I want to keep 2 digits behind 0, how should I do it?

The CFormatter document seems irrelevant to this issue, or I couldn’t figure it out by reading all the CGridView document.


Nicolas Xu

How about this?

'totaldue:number:number_format($data->Amount, 2)'

it doesn’t work for me




        'header'=>'Amount Due',


            return number_format($data->totaldue, 2);




This totally helped me!! :lol: Thanks:3 Good vibes.

Thank you! This totally helped! Though for future reference - what does function($data) do exactly?

It’s an anonymous function that runs once for each row. $data is the model record for the current row.