hi i am a newbie

what i need to implement for eg is that i need to notify the staff when a new client is registered … or when a new request is made by the client …i think SNOTIFICATION extension can help me implement this problem but i am not able to understand the instructions on it … can anyone please guide me through the intial process or any other extention or method to achive the above …



Whatever is a notification for you, you just need to trigger it on the controllers actions you want it. I know it is a vague answer, but you need to be more clear about what is your problem so I can help you better.

hi gbasto… basically i want to send a notification(a message) to a particular user where a client is created … yes i need to trigger .

when a certain event takes place i need to notify particular users that this event has taken place and unless they check the notification the message remains on their screen … its not like flash messages … its something like facebook notification in the top they have a new requests,new notifications and you have to check them … i want to develop something like that …

please send me an example or link where something like this is implemented so i can understand how to do that …

thanks a lot .

@vrooomm … hav u found something ??? about sending notification ????

Aslo What are the data tables that stores the notification ???

I also need this thing …


It doesn’t sound particularly complicated. Just keep a widget in your main layout view that doesn’t output anything unless notifications are available. The table fields could be as simple as:



SenderId (nullable)


Status (active | dismissed | cancelled)

Created (date)

If necessary you could periodically purge the table of inactive notifications.

If you want to be able to load the notifications dynamically, poll the server periodically and replace the notification widget content.