Not working validation rule for time

I've following definition of rules in my model (extending from CFormModel)

My input for time in text area has following value: '13:11'. When I'm validating my model, I'm receiving following message: "time must be date."

It seems that validation for hours and minutes doesn't work properly. Any ideas why?

Time format is not supported here.

I've created a quick workaround of my problem by modifying original Yii files to support time format. I've create CTimeParser (but I think CTimeParser and CDateParser should be merged into CDateTimeParser). If you want to attach what I've wrote, I think this may be usefull for other users.

Looks good. Could you please create a ticket for this? Thanks!

ticket created.

BTW, how can I set issue type when submitting ticket? I tried to find a way to set this as an enhancement, but I failed.