Not Null Values

Hi folks

I am trying to get a result from the database using yii framework.

I have written a query which is working fine. But the requirement is I should get only not null values.

Like select * from emp where managerid != ‘’ .

so I want to apply the not null condition in sql query.If any body has already done on this, please reply me.

and my query is $get_words = Yii::app()->db->createCommand()



			->where('sourcelanguage=:sourcelanguage', array(':sourcelanguage'=>$srcId))



and i want to add not null constraint as well to this query.




[*] Try to use one ->where() only

[*] part of the condiction should be ‘AND managerId IS NOT NULL’


hey sourceror

Thanks for the reply and i have applied that IS NOT NULL but its giving error.

Can you please tell how to apply that in where clause i.e in the yii standard.



Erm … which field should not be null precisely? I just realized now that there probably is no field called managerId.