Not Install Yii (Error: Directory Is Not Valid)

My problem:

C:/Yii_Framework/yii-1.1.14.f0fee9/framework/yiic webapp etc/testdrive

Error: The directory "etc/testdrive" is not valid. Please make sure the parent directory exists.

etc - is a my directory to server,

Yii_Framework - directory a set Yii

Please, help me.


I seen, help on a similar occasion, she came up to me.

I have no idea how Yii works on windows, but you can try to use full path to server dir, that is

C:/.../.../yiic webapp C:\....\etc\testdrive 

Thank you ORey, but i try this method and he not work. Thank you!

Stop, i use real server, not local, my server is not to install my computer.

Hi Kaizer !

  1. Try to type a full path, like (in my case) >yiic.bat webapp D:\0_WEBSERVER\OpenServer\domains\yiitest\www\

  2. Try to use must useful WAMP like OpenServer or XAMPP

Good Luck!

Hi Evgeniy,

i don’t understand way D:\WESERVER\OpenServer\domains\…

I use is web server to ubuntu, and set up apache, how install openserver to me ?

Have you switched the server? (previously you were using "C:/Yii_Framework/yii…" so it looked like windows).

You don’t need OpenServer if you’re on ubuntu/apache.

:) I could be totally wrong but seems, you are trying to install Yii from your OS Windows machine to Ubuntu server local folder directly… If you would like install Yii in Ubuntu-server you may upload Yii to the remote folder, open terminal and type install command like: >php yiic webapp /var/home/httpdocs/myapp/ . That’s all.

Yes, you’re absolutely right, I just want to install Yii from a local folder on the computer on the Ubuntu server and in full accordance with what is written in the tutoial - that is exactly what I’m doing. If I do something wrong, could you kindly describe to me more in detail how to settle this problem. For example, how to set up access to a local folder for my server. Thank you

Try to install yii in local Windows folder, and then copy files to the remote server dir.

How to do this?

  1. Add path to php.exe to the Windows local variables. I don’t have an English local in my Windows, but I can assume english system captions… Right click on “My computer” -> Settings -> Additionally -> Environment variable. Search a path variable and add your local path to php.exe like c:\php\php.exe;

  2. Restart your operation system

  3. Download and install FAR

  4. Run FAR and go to the yii folder - framework

  5. Type a simple command >yiic.bat webapp D:\0_WEBSERVER\OpenServer\domains\yiitest where d:\0_webserver… your own path to the local site folder

  6. Copy both generated and framework files to the remote server folder. That’s all.