Not Getting Star Image In Cstarrating Extension

Hey guys

I am currenly working on a project, in which I need to include CStarRating.

But When I am using it as follow :











I am getting the radio button in the form, but I am unable to show the stars, I can only see the radio buttons, In console I am getting no error

Please help me, how can I come out of this bug ???

Hello. i had the same problem before.

  • test it using the basic example


                'name'=>'rating_1 ,

                'value'=> 4,




                'name'=>'rating_2 ,

                'value'=> 4,


  • make sure that the name/id is unique on the page.

  • if you get the page using ajax, you have run some js code, after load like

  'afterAjaxUpdate'=>'function(id,data) {

        $.fn.rating.options.readOnly = true;

        $("span[id^=\'rating\'] > input").rating();