Not Getting All Records In Cactivedataprovider With Relation

Hello Friends,

Relation with state table.

return array(



$Data Container for contact detail with state table relation.

$DataProvider = new CActiveDataProvider ('Contact', array( 

'criteria' => array ( 

   'with' => array ('relState') 

    ) ,

	'pagination' => array('PageSize' => 20,	) 


return $DataProvider;

I am using above code and i am getting correct output. The only thing is that i am getting all records of contact table not from state. 

I am having state field in contact table and it is storing state id as foreign key while state table has state_id as primary key. I want to replace state id with state name in all records. But when i am using  CActiveDataProvider, i can not achieve this and getting only records of contact table.

So Please help me if anybody has solved this issue.

Thanks in advance…

It seems you have many questions and I was a bit confused.

Please separarate your issues so we can try to help you better.

Regarding your question about returning many States for a Contact (if I understood it correctly), you have a HAS_ONE relation between those models. This means that there’s only one State for each Contact.

You may want to check the guide about relational AR and review your schema.