Northwind site by Yii

I am a PHP developer and I use Yii framework on CentOS linux platform with Apache and MySQL.

I put online a demo site that I developed to show the Yii ability.

I used Northwind database that Microsoft uses for his tutorial.

The site allows you to manage customers, orders, and suppliers, it’s only demonstrative and therefore does not have the full functionality.

The application that I developed has the following characteristics:

  • Menus, messaging and multi-language attributes with selection of Italian and English.

    For reasons of time, the translation is incomplete as soon as possible will complete.

  • Portlet on the homepage with the last 5 customers and orders placed

  • Geolocation of customers on Google Maps from address in the database

  • Export and import of all data in ASCII CSV file format with the possibility to choose the field separator

  • Layout improved compared to the standard with menus, forms and portlets shaded

  • Menu information by collecting data on the client: browser type, operating system, IP address, exact location on Google Maps etc…

  • Etc. etc…

The site is accessible for reading by all without the need to log in while editing must authenticate.

The application is hosted on 000webhost, speed is limited because it’s a free service provider.

The connection data are:


Login: admin

Password: d3m02012


Hi robysax,

I would like to know. how to make the data import & export function in northwind.

any extension which you used ?

Could you share about this. Thanks ^^ :)

For Export data, I have developed an action that finds all models and writes to an ASCII file (see fputcsv PHP function).

The data import reads CSV ASCII file and for each record makes a model and validates (see fgetcsv PHP function).


Link dead :(

@eMontano Just tried… works for me, try again

It would be great if this type of example was included with Yii.

Would you be willing to share/sell this code for newbie’s to learn from/use/modify ?

soon I’m going to write a small manual about my experience with Yii on the development of applications and make it available to all

If you would share some code that would be just great.

I like how you implemented some additional functionality in a detailView with the tabs. I have been struggling with how to show related data in one of my apps and I think I’ll borrow that idea.

Also love all your rounded corners and box shadows - looks beautiful.

Thanks, first I want to complete Northwind site then, I will write wiki articles how to improve develop with Yii.

I have created a widget extension for meteo forecast in home page, looks at site.

If you select a Customer view and click on link “Locate on the map” in Anagrafica tab, you can view map and meteo forecast for Customer’s address