Normaderm Global Quest

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It`s my first project in Yii great framework (thanx for it)

Yii Framework we used only for server.

I used Active Record, CJson

The server contains the 6 models, 2 Conrollers

And 2 modules one of by name yiiadmin with some fixes and my custom module yii-EasyAPNs (soon i public it)

Also server contains 5 extensions: eauth, eoauth, gearman (soon i public it), lightopenid, vk (soon i public it), yii-EasyAPNs

Server has some background works in the Gearma-Job-Sever such as calculating badges and balls and points.

Server recived GET & POST reqestes and answer only JSON;

server has 5 protection against the hack requstres.

Сервер написан на Yii + Gearman-Job-Server + CJson

Gearman-Job-Server служит для выполнения фоновых задач, таких как начисление балов или присвоения медалек

Сервер состоит из моделей и расширений

Вся серверная часть завернута в свои классы, такие как ServerCotroller, ServerActiveRecord и.т.д.

Сервер жестко привязан к социальной сети, на данный момент к

[list=Phone Applications]

[*] (iPhone / iPad)

[*] (Android)


PS. My great thanx for Alexander aka (Samdark)

and sorry fo my BAD English

Thanx All

lookin gr8,

and thnkx for share basic info of your work tools.

Is it available for Android OS platform too ?


Good approach to use Yii as backend. Doing all the heavy things using Gearman gives app really good performance.