Non technical feature request - function of the day!

As a very new Yii beginner and even new programmer, I would love to learn more about Yii system functions. Class Reference is not helpful to me, since it just tells me what the function is without telling how to use it. It’s not helpful for beginner like me.

I would suggest add a section(it’s called portlet, right?) to the landing page, telling people how to use one, not two, just one function with 2 or 3 examples. Each example should have no more than 15 lines of code, along with a short paragraph to explain how it works.

This thing changes daily.

I don’t know if you did a poll of the community yet, but I believe junior member is much much more than advanced developer. Also, with this ‘function of the day’, Yii will be more appealing to the vast amount of php beginners out there!

hey! welcome!

you can find some working samples with source and comments in here:

hope this helps a little bit, coz i have to agree with you that yii’s class reference would be better with some samples



yeah, I am playing on play ground right now. Thanks!