Non-static method should not be called statically


I have problem with yii2.

The project has a controller:

The controller has a method:

public function getCategoryName($id){
	// ...

Some widget refers to the controller:

$category = ($in->type_id==1) ? \frontend\controllers\ArticleController::getCategoryName($post->category) : 'Полезные статьи';

It works on the server!
Doesn’t work on my localhost!

What’s the matter?
Why is there no error on the server, but there is an error on my localhost?
I would be grateful for your answer.

Different environment configurations, maybe different PHP versions as well. Basically you should not call non-static methods statically ever.

Check PHP Versions on Localhost and Server. PHP 8.0 and above will throw exception about this.

Thaks you!
The problem is in the environment.

Localhost has php version 5.6.40
There is a mistake here.

Server has php version 5.6.36
It works.

I started up the old localhost. It has php version 5.6.32
It works too.

This is not my code. But I have to fix it.
The method was called incorrectly!

And please update your PHP. 5.6 is ancient.