Hey guys just wanted to share with you a new online music/video site we developed that is powered by Yii (1.1.7).

Love this framework, and we’ve got several more high traffic sites coming out in the coming weeks that I’ll be sure to share.



Very good site! nice looks… congratulations! Is the ooyala player a free product?


Nice site! Great job.

I like the player as well :)

keep it up!


Just tried accessing the site but I’m getting this when accessing from work:

geoip_country_code_by_name(): Host not found

I was able to access it just fine. The site rocks (no pun intended). The player is very smooth and formats well in the browser.

I confirm the error:

[b]Error 500

				Looking for something on Noisey?[/b]

			  					Sorry, whatever you're looking for is no longer here or we're updating a thing or two.

				Please contact us if you continue to experience similar issues. 				

		 			 				geoip_country_code_by_name(): Host 10.x.x.x not found				[url=""]Homepage[/url]

thanks guys!

yeah we’ve had some issues with the GeoIP library, but i think those are resolved now… we’ve also got some more Yii apps about to roll out i’ll be sure to share

also @antonio, to answer your question – no ooyala is a paid video CMS service similar to Brightcove. They offer transcoding and player services for video as well as publishing content to a CDN (Akamai). it is rather expensive :)

thanks again!!


When I go to I have error:

@jmckinney: I don’t think you want to show detailed error messages in a production environment?

this is true. we have been toggling YII_DEBUG mode on and off on production for the sake of troubleshooting, which resulted in a bunch of traffic to over the weekend haha

but yes, when production is running smoothly, we definitely do not display any code in the error page. (i actually have a bash script that toggles debug mode across all our web servers)

Very good. I´m new here. One question what system you use to do multi language ?


THe page takes to load about 30 sec :blink:

great looking site, I hope my first attempt at Yii can be as good as this!

Very good job, mate. I like it so much.


thanks for the awesome feedback all!

side note, we’ve cleaned up the load time on substantially, so it should work a lot better now. going in for a complete facelift next :)

How much memory is consumed in main page?

hello, your site seems very good. And I want to know which flash player you use? Is it writen by yourself or a open source flash player. In fact I have been looking for a good player to use in my site for a long time! Would you please help me ? You can touch me by email ‘’ .



Its this website loading for anyone?

Here is what Chrome said, "Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data."

"Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data."

i like it

just wanted to share we’ve done a major update to this site if anyone is interested! site underwent a massive redesign (which honestly was needed to help UX) but we’re still pretty thrilled with it.

we’ve also done some substantial updates to, which is also running Yii Framework and has been generating a LOT of traffic.