No widgets catalog demo


I am new to Yii, I have to start some new projects and I was in doubt if choosing Prado or Yii.

Prado looks very well documented and tutorialized…Yii not.

By reading opinions Yii seems more robust, flexible and preformant though apart from the 4 screencast the rest of documentation is not easy to follow as the Prado one.

In particular I see no samples/demo/catalog of widgets!!! Watching the screencast and the Tutorials I understand just a bit of how it works but it very lacks of demos!

The guy in this post

was absolutely correct.

It’s not much of help to see the class doc if then I don’t know how to use it.

The tutorial sections should have a catalog tutorial about widgets and for each widget you should provide some demos with different configurations/showing different features.

Just watching the tutorials I had no idea that widgets exist, then I don’t know how many they are and how do they work…

I’d like very much to choose Yii but apart from the few screencasts there’re not enough samples to well understand how to use it…

I am another beginner. Same frustration!

hey guys, because of this, we’ve started a project called yiiplayground, which aims to show working samples and source code …like a “live doc”…thanks to Giovanni and all other contributors

hope this helps a little