No help in Yii Forum Framework

This Forum has no much of help. Its not ACTIVE its a Forum because other Programming languages/Frameworks have forums.

I am personally disappointed with this forum, for what i can see there others who are in the same position but they can speak about it.

Kindly make this forum better.

Hi @Rybat,

I joined this forum in 2011 when I started learning Yii 1.1. It helped me a lot to get over the initial steep learning curve.

I’ve always been an active member of this forum since then, and observed the changes. Yes, many things have changed.

In the first place, there used to be a lot more active people in the forum. We have
much less of them now, probably one fifth, I’m not sure. Anyway this is mainly the cause of your frustration since you would get fewer response in the forum.

I have to admit that Yii has failed to extend its popularity among others (Laravel, CI, Cake, Symfony, etc), while it is one of the best PHP frameworks. Yii should have much more popularity that it deserves.

One thing I have to say about is the excellence of its documentation - the definitive guide and the API reference. They are truly helpful. From the very beginners to the advanced developers, 99% of their questions are answered in them. It could be one of the reasons why lesser people try to get help from the forum.

I believe that much more people are using Yii comfortably than what we guess from the activity of this forum.

Yes, we’d love to.
And you can help us make it better, too.


@softark there’s another reason. Chats. Slack, Telegram etc. took a lot of activity off the forum. Personally I don’t like it since these aren’t search-able and the same questions are answered again and again but that’s reality.

As for community, I think there’ll be more activity with the alpha of Yii 3. Working hard to make that happen.


I’m agreed :slight_smile:
Maybe not excellent, but compare to others it’s really good.