Nivo Slider Management System

This is a management system system for a typical jQuery slider,Nivo Slider.It makes possible for an end user to upload images,provide a caption and alink to a page for each image of the slider.

As a bonus side effect,the management page could work very well as an image gallery.

You can test a demo inthis address

I realize that opening this demo for testing makes it vulnerable to abuse,so please be kind!You can upload/delete your own images,but please don’t delete the ones I have already uploaded,so thatthe demo retains a decent appearance.

hi there, why the WIKI page link broken… ? It gives me an error…! I saw the article yesterday… but couldn’t find now…! It would be much helpful if you can update the page soon…!

Thanks !


the wiki page has been disabled


a wiki page is intended only for articles, for posting code an extension page should be created…

or if the author does not want to create an extension but would like to share his code… he can post his code to the forum in the "Tips, Snippets and Tutorials" section