Newsletter extension ?

Hi everybody,

is there an extension for managing a newsletter with Yii?

Note : i mean by managing newsletter :

-manage lists of mails

  • send mails of lists

-statistics for newsletter

  • etc.

What you’re looking for is probably Yii-Mail. :)


As far as I know, there is no such extension.

I mentioned Yii-mail because it features bulk email through Swiftmailer, which by the way seems to be the most feature complete solution currently available for php.

But, is that an extension or a full newsletter app? :)

Sorry for not replying that’s because i was in holiday ;D

@ jacmoe :

Yii-Mail is a good extension but i, in fact, mentioned in my post that i need to do some statics about the newsletter, and yii-mail extension does not support this functions.

Looks like that what you need in a whole module, from what I know it does not exist, but its kind of easy to create one, give it a try, and maybe release as an extension ;)

Yes, it would be nice to have an implementation as a standalone module, with some methods to add subscriber to some lists and let them decide the frequency.

Just name, email, list_name, and frequency

A cronjob(Yii console app) would be nice to send small batches so spam filters don’t complain.

Maybe Santa will hear us

any luck here. I am also looking for a newsletter application that runs on yii

Hi any luck, i’m on the agent lookout of this as well.:) Help is needed ? I just need something that can send html emails ?