Newbie's doubt

Hello everyone!

First of all, sorry about my english.

Second, i’m VERY new at web developing.

Question: let’s suppose we have clients. First i create the user only with required data. Then I’ll provide them with a random password (and ask them to change it asap).

How can i do to give them permission to change (update, cuz i’ve already create the users) ONLY their own data?


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create a new action in controler, i.e. actionChangePass, with permission to all "*" then put your script to change the password.


You can simply check user ID.

You can get it this way: Yii::app()->user->id

Speaking about password change, your action may look like this:

public function actionChangePassword()


    $user = User::model()->findByPk(Yii::app()->user->id);

    if ($user === null) {

        throw new CHttpException(403, 'Access denied.');




This makes sure the user can edit his own record only.

Speaking about all the other data, I use extra field ‘ownerId’ in every table where user’s data are stored.

Btw, I have moved all the boring stuff to model, so my code looks like this:

# models/ActiveRecord.php:

public function scopes() {

    return array(

        'own' => array(

            'condition' => 't.ownerId = :uid',

            'params' => array(':uid' => Yii::app()->user->id)




public function beforeSave() {

    if ($this->isNewRecord) {

        ### record owner

        if ($this->hasAttribute('ownerId') && !isset($this->ownerId)) {

            $this->ownerId = Yii::app()->user->id;



    return parent::beforeSave();


# Controller:

public function actionUpdate($id)


    $record = ExampleModel::model()->own()->findByPk($id);

    if ($record === null) {

        throw new CHttpException(404, 'Oops.');




That’s not very good in terms of MVC (because model should not know anything about current session), but I can afford it on my projects.

And if you need more complicated permissions control, take a look at RBAC

THANKS A LOT Angeldelanoche! Muchas gracias!

I’ll try it.