Newbie question: How do I render a view on new tab?

I appear to have asked my previous question incorrectly. What I want to know is how to use CController function of a form view to render output views on a new tab once the user hits the select button and form input is validated.

I apologize if my nomenclature I am attempting to use in my description is primitive, confusing or incorrect.

What I want to do is collect input from a user using a form concerning what the graphical output the user wants to display using flot. Both the input form and the flot output are both working fine. What I can’t figure out is how to use CController to render the flot output on its own browser tab. I don’t want to redirect the user from the form tab once the select button is hit. I want to leave the user on the tab while rendering an output view on a new tab. Then the user can select again if he/she chooses and get additional graphical output choices to appear on other tabs.