Newbie needs help for a new idea start

Hi All!

I have read in a signature here : “Every tool for a specific need” , or something related.

I need to build a site like penzu dot com

-Central content creation happens with a tinyMCE editor saving the contents in a DB.

-But then i want to build custom businees logic on these data from db.

I will need encryption,auth,file management (for exporting) e.t.c.

I am new to PHP, never writen a full scale app in php, only small pages (coming gfrom .net winforms).

I am researching many days regarding which framework i could use. I could do it without a framework by just using PHP alone , but i want to dive into the world of PHP frameworks.

Proposals were for Yii and CI as well for other frameworks …Since i am a beginner i don’t think that i will know these differences until some times passes

Yii is my choice up to know but i do feel good about Codeigniter too.

Respecting the saying “Every tool for a specific need”, am i ok with Yii?



You’ll do fine with Yii - that’s how I got started with PHP some time ago, also coming from .NET.

  1. Start with the Installation.

  2. Next, continue Creating Your First Yii Application.

  3. Study the Demos, particularly the blog.

  4. Create the database tables for your application.

  5. Create the basic scaffolding with Gii.

  6. Search the Extensions to add pre-made functionality to your app.

  7. Have fun!


Today i got a new small project so i will try yii out on this project for the next month…


Thanks JFReyes!