Newbie - 404 On Testdrive/index.php?r=Gii


I looked around in the forum and Goolge and found nothing so im posting to you guys.

Im running on a Linux Debian server. Just installed Yii ( 1.1.13, last entry in changelog). I am following the tutorial at

I am at the CRUID part with an “Error 404”. My main.php have the ‘modules’ uncommented. I tried setting :

  • ‘ipFilters’ to my ip and to false

  • and/or the ‘password’ to a password and to false

always the same results so far …

Thank you,


*********** update

solved it … I was editing the wrong main.php, the one that reside in the framework dir not the generated one … sorry !

Also, I needed to change permissions on generated dir!