New web application for working with Wicked Problems built on Yii

I’m a very experienced developer, but new to open source, LAMP and Yii. This is the first iteration of a large plan. I’m very happy with Yii. Congratulations on a fantastic framework. My firm has always used proprietary tools to build proprietary apps, both desktop and web. We made those choices because of speed and ease of development, but with LAMP and Yii I feel we’ve now got a very competitive advantage. Thank you.

The site is:

Let me know what you think,



This is bound to be a site with a lot of content.

When I opened the site, there was so much information that I had a hard time where to start. Why not in top the icons as they are used in the subject pages. So the phone handle icon and the image icon etc which link to the subject and their details.

Nice implementation of the portlet functions by the way.


good job done

IMHO, although this website may have the content and features it does not have the layout and good looks. I would seriously consider designing or finding a theme / layout that looks good and go with that.