New Version Of Image Extension Supported Watermark

The image extension ( is very easy to use.

It works stable, but from an old version of Kohana.

Today I want to add water mark into an image, and I do not find any extension.

And I happened to find that new version of Kohana has already supported wartermark.

Then I upgraded the extension, and be here to share it:)

And you should find the document here, I just upgrade it.

Notice:There is no driver for ImageMagick, it was alternated by Imagick. You should install Imagick php extension.

It’s my first post, sorry for lost attachment…

It’s return "failed to open stream: No such file or directory " on Image::factory();

The path to image is correct, but it not work? Why?

Another one version of Kohana Image module. Supports all features, also added next properties: "name" contains filename without extension and "ext" contains extension.



'components' => array(


    'image' => array(

        'class' => 'application.extensions.image.CImageComponent',

        'driver' => 'GD', //may be GD or Imagick



$image = Yii::app()->image->load('images/test.jpg');

$image->resize(400, 100)->rotate(-45)->quality(75)->sharpen(20);

$image->save(); // or $image->save('images/small.jpg');



$image = new Image('images/test.jpg');

//$image = new Image('images/test.jpg', 'Imagick');

$image->resize(400, 100)->rotate(-45)->quality(75)->sharpen(20);