New To Yii

(Vishal6593) #1

the book i am following is Yii.Web.Application.Development.with.Yii.and.PHP -by Jeffrey Winesett.but i find it difficult to make real world application.i am confused where to start using framework.i don’t have prior knowledge of framework.

(Alirz23) #2

Hi James

Welcome to Yii Forum and community, Please go thru the blog tutorial

(B Gaur09) #3

Hi James,

I have just started using YII , I am also using the same tutorial , The approach i followed is -

1-create a basic web application using GII(You can enable GII in your main.php)

2-created user tables in my database

3-Created Models for my user tables

4- Changed the static block ($isers) in user identity , replaced with


(I am using email as user name , you may use other column)

Now my users are getting authenticated from DB

5-created rest of the models and CRUD operations

(i hope it may help you)

All the best

(simran singh) #4

HI James ,

if you are beginner then just go to yii’s official website ( and then go to documentation in menu bar and then screencast(documentation->screecast) there is 4 videos …that will be very helpful to you …

All the best …


(simran singh) #5

hi james,

when you will watching those tutorials then make some app at your end also …it will make learn yii very fastly…

(Vishal6593) #6

thanx simran for your answer.