New To Yii

New to yii, I did Windows Development in Delphi for 20 years. Now learing yii….

What UI extension has the most gui features?

Can yii handle pages like classified ads? For example, when one page could have many blocks like “recent ads”, “most popular’, blabla.

Can those blocks be separate views and include them in main view?.


Hi Zibnimer,

For page blocks you may use widgets. There’re also clips, partial view render , content decorator, so you’ll easily form your pages.

As for UI, you may implement any css framework (bootsrtap, foudation) or one of yii-extensions based on them. For example, is quite popular.

Also, there’re yii-adapted jquery-ui tools, just go to and type CJui into search input to check them all.

Thank you Yugene for the feedback,

This is very good to know. Bootstrap seems nice, it will cover most of my GUI needs.

Welcome :)

Yeah, I myself use Bootstrap more and more often… It’s very useful and handy.


I see 2 Boosts thingy… They seem the same, but when I dig in inside they seems different!



(not sure if this one has datetime pickers, … )


http://twitter.githu…trap/index.html is the source of the bootstrap toolkit developped by Twitter.

Yii-booster is an adaptation of all the bootstrap tools (css stylings and javascripts functionnalities) plus some extra additions in the Yii’s way, mostly as widgets (and CWidget subclasses)

Thanks you guys.

I wish there is a demo that shows how to implement their grid using live data (from mysql db) and how to use it in control, model and view.

bootstrap is mostly a css toolkit => it decorates, quiet well I have to admit, your forms, tables and so on. So If you use Yiibooster (or bootstrap extension from Chris83) and if you want to show your data in a grid (saying in the admin view grid as generated by gii), instead of using

$this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.CGridView', array(...

you will use (with YIIBooster)

$this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbExtendedGridView', array(...