New to Yii

I am new to Yii framework. I have started with a project to be done in Yii framework. I have gone through Larry Ullman series. I want to modify the screen layouts of the application that is formed in Yii(with yiic command) to match my requirements how do i do that? Please help me

I suggest you to read, you will get more clear image of Yii framework.

You can find layout file: views/layouts/main.php(eventually you would need to modify column1.php and column2.php files too, in same folder)

I think you have to take little tour of yii-framework site as specially its guide and forum … .

You’ll find the layouts under protected/views/layouts. The CSS scripts are under css at the same level as protected.

Thank you everyone.

Things are working out slowly slowly but struck with the menubar. I want to change the style of the menu bar. How do i do it? Please help me.

In css/main.css there are some rules for #mainmenu, edit them.


I want to change the color of the grid header (the grid created by gii tool). How can i do it?


I suppose you think about CGridView… check this thread -

I would suggest you to spend some time learning the basics of Yii… you will get better help if you post understandable questions…