New To Yii. Users Group Management?

Hi all,

i’m new to Yii, but i’ve been looking for a while for a good php framework, and i think yii can be the right choice :)

i’m not going to use yii for pubblic sites or anything “big”, i just use php for “what i need” time by time.

That’s why i’d need a framework always ready to offer me those functions i always have to rewrite when i need a new script.

So i tried to install Yii but i stopped on users management: is there an extension for yii that allows me to manage (and use, filtering access to my pages) users groups more than single users?

What i’d need is a “real” acl management, where each user can have one or many groups, and i can set acl for user OR group OR both of them. Even group of groups would be nice :)

So my first question is: is there an extension than does this?

Thanks a lot :)


Welcome to forum.

Yii itself come with a powerful authorization scheme, implementing RBAC. Read this.