New to Yii - many questions

Hi everyone, I am new to Yii and I have lots of questions.  Some of these questions may not be specific to Yii but they are prompted by the capabilities and documentation of Yii.  So far what I have seen in Yii is very promising for a serious productivity tool.  Just so you understand where I am coming from I have written a few apps using the CodeIgniter Framework, but nothing that would impress a serious coder.  I am semi-newbie. Questions are in no specific order.

  • CDbConnection documentation states:


    One can do prepared SQL execution and bind parameters to the prepared SQL:

    Can someone explain what this is, it sounds like a canned sql statement or some often re-used database request.  A simple example would be great, I didn't understand the example in the documentation.

  • When moving the application to the production server do we only include the files under the application folder or are all the files in the root install required?
  • Is there any capability in the framework for handling images, ie watermarking and image resizing? Or will this have to be implemented as an extension?
  • If I want to create a separate interface for the backend and frontend of an application should I create two separate applications ie "testdrive is frontend" new folder on same level "backend is backend" anyway this seems like a common requirement any pointers?

Thanks in advance for any input from the community, I have many more questions and obviously I must take responsibility for answering my own questions.  I appreciate the time people take to reply to newbie questions. I am scouring the docs now and looking at the generated files.  Soon I hope to be able to help other newbies.

Take care,


  1. See…pdo.prepare.php for more details about prepared SQL execution.

  2. You need to copy everything under the root of your application (that contains the index.php file).

  3. Yii doesn't contain these because they are more about application-level logic. It is possible that another user may contribute this as an Yii extension, however.

  4. You have two ways: create backend and frontend as separate applications organized in different directories, or use different entry scripts and share the same application directory.

Fantastic, thanks for the prompt reply!