New to yii , Let us explore

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I am new to Yii started exploring,

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Welcome !! :)

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Let me know if need help :rolleyes:

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im new to yii plz help me to know how can i create ma first simple application in yii… plz do explain briefly

(Akshmasti) #5

Please go through with below link…

If you still don’t understand then watch videos on you tube… Everything is explained very clearly…

(Vidhi Raval1) #6

please anybody help me out wid ma query.

For creating an yii application, i have created the database first and then using gii tool i have created the models, controllers, etc. which are related to the database i have created. Now my question is, if now i have to make some changes in the database and want that there should be change in models, controllers too i.e; according to the change in the database. Now how can i overcome this problem… or is there any other method to create an application in which we can make changes in database and automatically there is change in models, controllers, etc. . please do reply im new to yii.

(Dhaval Bhavnagari) #7

If you are changing the rows or columns that is adding a new row or column or even deleting them then I think making the relative changes in the model file of the table is the only way. Like if you make a new column then add it to each and every function of the model. I think that should do the trick but I have not tried it myself. You could also create the whole table using gii all over again.

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Vidhi if you try it let me know if adding it to the model works :rolleyes:

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I feel one may directly assign value to a column from table without being defined into Model.

Yii beautifully reads table schema and identifies attributes.

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download the books on yii framework and follow the wiki on yiiframework

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I am very new to Yii. I want to pull data from database and show it as dropdown list… help please…

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Try this one…

<?php echo $form->dropDownList($model,‘StudentId’, CHtml::listData(Student::model()->findAll(), ‘StudentId’, ‘StudentName’), array(‘empty’=>’–Student Name*–’)); ?>