New Theme not working

If use the rules from this page to apply a new theme, this is not working.

I set in /config/main.php

'name'=>'My Test Web Application',


Then I create a new structure of folder for new theme








with values for my new theme.

But when I navigate to my index, old theme is used.

If I ask in SiteController to echo "mytheme is = ".Yii::app()->theme, I receive a null value of Yii::app()->theme;

Any else value setted in main.php for app, is printed, but theme not. WHY???

The file structure that you have exposed is confusing or incorrect…I think.

Your new theme structure should be a subfolder of the folder themes/ and should look like this:

themes/mytheme/views/layouts/main.php -> this being your main layout of the new theme.

Hope this helps