New team members joining

Since we posted the recruitment notice, we have received many applications for joining the Yii developer team. We hereby thank you all for your passion to join the team!

After serious discussion and investigation, we chose to have four new members: jonah, pestaa, sebas, whoopass.

They will work on the official extension library, core framework development, documentation and site development. With these new forces,we believe Yii will grow even faster and become better and better.

Welcome to join the Yii team!

Congratulations!!! I hope in a near future to become a member too (when my time and my skill becomes better)

What terrific news. Congratulations to the new team members, which I believe are all thoroughly deserved. It certainly gives me great confidence that Yii is in the right hands.

This is great news !!

congratulation to all 4 new team members … I can’t wait to see the official extension library released !


Indeed! this sounds good. Makes me more confident in the future of Yii.

Keep up the good work!!

Congratulations to new team members!!!

Congratulation guys! If I was a good developer, I would love to join the team, but I’m not…

I predict a very bright future for yii framework.

woahhhh. excellent new.

congratulation a the news member.

YII forever :P

Congrats to the new team members.

Yii is my fav.

Great news!

Yes it is - Yii good news.

we are together.


Hope to join the team soon :)

Well done boys (or we have any girls here) … :)

Excellent news, I’m looking forward to great things here!