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New Multi Select Extension

(Miprabuddini) #1

I have developed a new extension for the multi selection widget with the help of Multiselectable jQuery plugin. I hope it’ll be useful for everyone. If there is any issue with this new widget please inform me.

Put this extension in extension folder.

Then add following code into your views.(Replace COLMID,COLMDESC with your required details)

<div class="multi">


	&#036;data= CHtml::listData(&#036;model::model()-&gt;findAll(),'COLMID', 'COLMDESC');

	&#036;this-&gt;widget('ext.IshMultiSelect.IshMultiSelect', array(

		'model' =&gt; &#036;model,

		'listAttribute' =&gt; 'COLMDESC',

		'data' =&gt; &#036;data,

		'listHtmlOptions'=&gt; array(









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(Jokercrazy05544) #2

I tested your extension, but I get the following error:"Undefined index: multiple", any idea?