new Google maps widget

I am sorry I had to attach the file here, because Yii site says I’m too new to add extensions, funny thing I’m not too new to make one :D

Things you might like to know about it:


just extract to protected/extensions/ directory

[size="5"]How to use?[/size]


[*]open you view file

[*]add the code


$this->widget('application.extensions.gmapv3.GMap', array(

    'id' => 'gmap3',

    'key' => 'my google maps API key',

    'address' => array(

        'address' => 'Some nice street address here', //address of the place

        'city' => 'Varna',

        //'state' => 'CA', 

        'country' => 'Bulgaria'

    //'zip' => 'XXXXX' - zip or postal code


    'zoom' => 14, //0 to 17 

    'height' => '250px',

    'width' => '250px',



[*]edit the values to suit your purposes, you can comment/remove the city/state/country/zip lines and give full human readable address