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New face

(Jacob Moen) #61

I changed the ‘framework’ to a lighter gray and made the nav-bar ‘logo’ use the same colour.

(( Edit: to see a full page screenshot, go back to the previous page ))

Tell me what you think:

(Ekerazha) #62

"yii framework" is too close to the logo

the “framework” color (dark grey) isn’t a good choice, it should be lighter

(Jacob Moen) #63

Yes but that is all fixed already. I should probably post new screenshots of the site in progress.

If you’re interested in following the progress, then do visit the repository at Github ;)

Thanks for the interest!

(Jacob Moen) #64

Things are progressing, although at a slow rate:

(Ekerazha) #65

I’d use a “sans serif” font.

"yii framework" is too close to the logo symbol

Shadows below “Facebook” etc… hello 1998 :P

(Jacob Moen) #66

The font for the headers is a sans serif: Josefin.

I am using Arvo for the body text, but you might be right that it should be sans serif. I’ll try another from the list of Google font pairings for Josefin. :)

That cool 1998 shadow is just a filter and the one that looked acceptable on that blue background.

It could be toned down or taken out.

The logo has been discussed at great length here: https://github.com/y...k.com/issues/61

And I am considering it done :)

At least for now.



(Jacob Moen) #67

Which font should it be?

I am leaning towards Open Sans right now, but my leaning changes each day :P

(Jacob Moen) #68

I changed it to use Open Sans for the body, while of course keeping Josefin Sans for the headers:

(Ekerazha) #69

For the body, I’d use the usual

font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

(Jacob Moen) #70

How boring you are :P

In a serious note: I don’t think Helvetica is the best font for reading. :)

(Jacob Moen) #71

There is a live WIP Yii Website up here: http://yiiframework.domain-na.me/