New face

Better logo :

instead of "install" I would put "download"… in the logo would be nice to have different colors for Yii and framework… but the above "gray" color does not look right

other than that the concept is fine

You are right, it doesn’t look good, the grey text…

Working on it ;)

I thought about changing the links to ‘Download’ and ‘Engage’

The ‘Engage’ button should take you to the overview page - to be written - where instructions for setting it all up is written, and the major bullet points of Yii is listed.

There should also be a list of links: guide, community, etc.

About the three main features… Fast, Secure and Professional

How about adding three more: Testable - because Yii2 has excellent Codeception integration.

And then we need two more…

Extendable ? (modules/extensions) Modular?

Configurable - ?

I think it is better now:

This is the front so far - not too sure about the navbar - I wouldn’t even have a navbar on the front page…

Looks better without navbar, doesn’t it?

It now has FA icons for the three features.

I have put what I have so far at

Also, a Github repository ->

It is totally overkill, of course, but surprise me, and fork it and add your own take.

I am using the Sass version of Bootstrap - Bootstrap 4 will be out any minute now, and it is powered by Sass (hurray!) - so better get used to it, people.

If you want to make an alternative, fork and create a new scss file, maybe called ‘better.scss’ and a new html page that references that and have a go. :)

Or maybe add a new branch? Probably easier that way…

looks cool… I like the idea to show contributors in the footer, very nice

just few observations:

  • I like it more with the navbar, looks better with the dark line, the menu items are more readable

  • there is too much space above the logo - not sure if it’s better to have a bigger logo or remove that space

  • the download button color are not cool, maybe use the yii green color for that

Fixed the button - have no idea what happened to it ;)

Did you check the menu at the top I put in now?

I think that the space above the logo area is needed because of balance.

I can make another page with a black menu bar so that we can decide which is better…

D’oh - the API request limit has been reached already… that sucks. :)

There must be a way to cache this via js.

However, someone from the Yii team should create a Github application so that you get a higher API limit.

I won’t attach another screen shot after this, because you can follow the project on and - but this is what I’ve got so far:

Okay, so now it has a navbar… ;)

I like it better this way… the empty space above the logo looks better with the navbar…

but I would like more users to comment here… seems there are only 2-3 of us talking/writing…

I like the layout and the idea of making it simpler. We’re not designers so I’m sure a designer may do better than we do.

By the way: it is possible to click on the ‘Download’ and ‘Engage’ buttons and get to a page. ;)

Yes, there are not many participants here, but it doesn’t have to be in this phase.

I like - and I am of course totally impartial :P - that the site has colours. It makes me happy. And I think that a good site should do that.

And, yes: I am no designer either. :)

I looks very good, there is only one thing that I personally don’t like:

  • The top hero in blue with the text ‘Framework’ and ‘Professional’ in blue too. As an alternative maybe an image for the hero or something like that.

And, I know that this has nothing to do with the design that you’re working on, but I think that the Yii website really need 2 things in the future to be more attractive for new developers:

  • A place for learning with tutorials/articles (with resources like text, videos, code, etc). There is a lot of tutorials/articles related to Yii but there isn’t a centralized place where we can search for them.

  • A showcase, currently we have a forum for Yii powered applications but I think that it doesn’t have to much visibility. Showing the world what this framework is capable of is a good way to attract new developers.

I am happy about the blue ‘framework’ because it shouldn’t stand out but let ‘Yii’ speak louder.

However, ‘professional’ is a bit off. You’re right.

I tried to apply a background image, but I think it looks corny :)

Perhaps I could post a couple of screenies with background image…

I agree that documentation is key for Yii.


I dont like the design specialy the blue color and centered titles, designers are welcome to give a hand.

PS: Add jquery to the demo.

Fixed jQuery by upping the version.

The pages has a centered titte, but it is a placeholder.

I think (hope) that it will look different with some actual content.

Will mock up some realistic looking pages tomorrow so that it is easier to see what the final look will be.

With no content, there is an abundance of blue :)


I am not sure yet if there should be a blue band at the top for regular pages…

Good thing about Sass and Panini is that it is easy to generate different looks/layouts.