New direcotry while Uploading files


I am getting in trouble while creating a new folder using mkdir by passing these variables



I want to create a folder if it does not exist in images/prix folder

here images folder is in the root directory of application, prix folder exists.

It gives the error that

No such file or directory

any help?

I suppose you need basePath instead of baseUrl.[s]


I use something like Yii::getPathOfAlias(‘user.avatars’) to get a full path like /var/www/myapp/protected/modules/user/avatars.

P.S: I think it’s better to chmod() after you mkdir() as the way you do it you will get some unexpected results because of umask (at least on *nix systems)

thanks eval

In mkdir() I remember there is a boolean parameter for having it build the whole tree to the dir you want.

I believe you could use realpath() to find the filesystem path from the Url path:


No you can’t. realpath() just returns the absolute path name given a relative path. URL has nothing to do there, you need to use a filesystem path parameter.

Would it work if we used basePath instead of baseUrl?


try to enable recursion , turn on the third parameter