New Baby To Yii

hello yii guys,

i m new to yii, b4 that i have worked on CI on beginner’s level. i want a lot of help from you people.

i want to build a module type thing which can log me in using tbl_user can any one tell me how to do this?




there are some user modules in the extension repo , just search and try them . :lol: and welcome to yii

thank you all i hope with ur help i would be able to progress in yii!!! thanks guys ::)

guys i am facing a problem. i m trying to develop blog on yii for this i m reading yii-blog-1.1.12 and use some files from yii/demos/blog/protected folder. i m tring to implement 2nd chapter of the file i.e. "post managment" and when i run "…blog/index.php?r=post" it give me following error:

Fatal error: Undefined class constant ‘STATUS_APPROVED’ in C:\xampp\htdocs\blog\protected\models\Post.php on line 66

my post.php file is attaced

help needed!!!

Please complete the Comment part of the tutorial and then check.

Also,go through the comments of each tutorial.

didnt get you… please explain complete what?