new at yii

hey guys.

i’m new at yii, and have recently finished reading the book "agile web … ". i think i learned a lot from it, but unfortunately, since i’m not a native-english speaker, i had trouble understanding a few of the things. but nevermind that.

the thing is, i want to create a web site (just for practice) that has the normal menu bar at the top, and if you click at one of the buttons you would be let to a certain part of the site that contains for example some issues (just to keep going with the project/issue thing from the book). besides the issues, i also want to divide these issues into categories, so i want a second menu that contains the option of something like 10 different categories. when you click on one of the categories, you would be transported into a part of the website that contains some text that describes the category, a youtube video, and the issues that belongs to that category.

so what i’m asking is, what is the best approach to achieve this? would it be to let the categories be static sites, or would it be to let the categories be something like the projects in the book? if so, how do i create this menu-bar for the categories?

or maybe another thing completely?

i know i’m asking for a lot, but it would be very learning for me to know how to do this.


I’d also like to hear about this!

anyone? it would be a big help if someone could answer/guide me in the right direction.