New ActiveRecord($array) doesn't work in Yii 1.1

        $Post = new ForumPosts($data);

The above code used to work in Yii 1.0, but not after upgrading to v1.1.

The below method works, but I’d hate to rewrite all my code.

$Post = new ForumPosts;

$Post->attributes = $data;

Is this a design choice or a bug?

Following the class reference, you can’t do this anymore (and it’s a little strange to me).

Maybe you can create a child class of the CActiveRecord class, and rewrite it’s __construct method to accept $data argument, and then use this class as a parent for your existing classes. But this way you’ll need to write some code too, and I am not sure it is the best way.

Also don’t forget about the new way of defining safe attributes (for massive assign).