Netbeans + Yii - New Project Error

I am a complete noob to both Yii and Netbeans. I have always developed by hand in a text editor. Trying to catch up with the times. Anyways, not sure if I actually have an issue or if I just am expecting the wrong outcome here.

Netbeans 7.3

Yii Framework 1.1.13

For starters, I have everything up and running with WAMP and Yii. I can create projects via command line. I installed the Yii plugin for Netbeans, but when I go to New Project > PHP Application > Yii PHP Web Framework I get the following error:

Configuration of Yii PHP Web Framework is not valid.

Do I have an issue here, or is this the expected behavior?


Did you see the README file?

(I can’t add a link since this is my first post)

AFAIR, URL is written in description for plugin.

existing source:

(PHP > Existing source)

You just set your webroot to source directory.

Step4 doesn’t exist.

creating new application:

At first, you have to set yiic.php to option (PHP > Yii).

Then, please create a new project.

Step4 exists(i.e. You can select Yii on Framework list)

Please submit to github issue, if you have some issues.


I was able to open an existing source, but I’m having issues with new applications. I’m not sure what you mean “you have to set yiic.php to option (PHP > Yii)”. On step 1 of a new project I don’t have any options about Yii.

First, Did you see the README file on github as I wrote the above?

My options at Step 1 of creating a new project


Screenshot (1).png

junichi11 resolved the issue for me. I hadn’t set the path to the Yii framework in Netbeans. Tools > Option > PHP > Yii Please set the path to YiiRoot/framework/yiic.php