Netbeans Xdebug Not Working With Yii Only


First of all I’d like to say hello, since I am a new member of the forum! I have to say that I have a great respect for all the yii framework creators and supporters.

I was trying to debug the Blog tutorial app and faced the following problem:

After I set breakpoint it works fine (it goes to the place I set and shows variable values and stuff), but trying to step over (or step in) a code line it brings me to

public function handleException($exception){...}


So I tried to put multiple breakpoints and "run" between them, but then i get the following report (attachment).

Any clue how to reconfigure netbeans/xdebug/php.ini ?

Netbeans and xdebug without yii works like a charm.



Hi Boil, I think that if code execution stop on your breakpoint and you see the variable values, your Yii-PHP and Xdebug environment is properly configured.

However, the screenshot shows that you are trying to get a property ("content") which is not included in the class UserIdentity.

Have you added some kind of watch expression over "content"?


Leandro, you are a genius! Thank you very much! It was exactly the issue you said. I have had some Watches left set from different project.

I am impressed and extremely grateful!!

Problem solved!



I would like to debug my project, but I have no clue exactly how should I do it.

I have xdebug installed, I’ve tried to watch variables, and set breakpoints to methods, but I haven’t seen anything, only regular yii error page.

can somebody please help a little bit?