Netbeans - Test file for the selected source file was not found

Hi, Is anybody able to suggest anything to try to resolve the following minor inconvenience in Netbeans - have tried netbeans forum too but doesn’t seem as active as YII? I am working my way the the Agile Web … YII book and chose to use netbeans as my ide based on YII forums hence hoping someone here might be able to help with a non-crucial issue - I can test as described below and in shell as per the YII book but not as easily as should be able to in netbeans.

Generated test file by right clicking on the file in Projects window and then Tools > Create PHPUnit tests.

When I attempt to run the test by right clicking on the source file and clicking Test I get

"Test file for the selected source file was not found."

The test runs if I click Run on the newly created test file in the Test Files folder in the Projects window. That is it shows Test Results and Warnings and Failures in the Output window.

I had found in a past post that someone suspected a namespace issue to be responsible for this. I can’t see how in my code, working thru YII Agile Web Development book. Yii not using namespaces until version 2 and no namespaces apparent in the generated test file though am using php5.3.

I doubt that it matters but have included system info:

MAC OS X 10.6.8

PHPUnit 3.6.10

NetBeans IDE 7.1.2

The source file in the Projects window is:

demo>Source Files>protected>controllers>MessageController.php

The generated test file in the Projects window is:

demo>Test Files>protected>controllers>MesssageControllerTest.php

Solved. Not sure what the error was but all working fine in new project