netbeans code completion

Hi mates,

I’m using netbeans for my applications. I’m a bit confused about netbeans code completion with Yii Framework.

I’ll explain by example.

If I type CHtml:: then code completion feature shows up and I can select related functions. However, lets say I type CForm:: nothing appears and netbeans shows up "no suggestion" box.

CHtml is a "system.web.helpers" member. Whenever I use some class from system.web.helpers then code completion works just fine, otherwise nothing! To get code completion with other classes I got to assign it to a new variable like

$example = new CForm();

$example->…(Shows up function list of CForm)

then code completion will work correctly. What is the reason? Can I get some hints about code completion in netbeans.


CHtml methods are static, while CForm’s are not.