Netbeans And Yii2

Good day.

Anybody know, how to configure NetBeans to support Yii2?

If possible, share link or howto, how can to do this.

Thanks a lot.

What exactly do you want to configure on Netbeans to support Yii2?

For me everything work without any changes on configuration except for, if, … braces.

Netbeans version is 7.4 on work and 7.3.1 on home computer.

So, (if possible) i want the same, like plugin for Yii (nb-yii-plugin, soory, i can not right to provide link)

Yii2 status is still alpha.

Perhaps, I’ll start development when RC is released.


Thanks a lot for you answer.

Are there any updates on this? Yii2 has been released, but I cannot seem to get it using the Composer wizard in Netbeans 8