Netbeans 8.2 and yii 1.1 plugin not working

Probably not the right place for this but Ill post it here anyway

I have been using Yii 1.1 on a project for about 4 years now. Until recently I had the Yii Plugin working perfectly.

The issue begain when I installed the Yii 2 Plugin as well. Since then I have been unable to get the Yii 1.1 Plugin to work as it did previously. I have removed the Yii 2 Plugin and many times I have installed, uninstalled, checked settings, cleared cache etc and I cannot get it to work (currently using Yii 1.1.19).

Can anyone shed any light on what might be the issue?


Greg J

did you try uninstalling Netbeans ?

i hadnt got to that point yet, I was trying to avoid that due to all the fine tuning I had done in the app over the years.

However I bit the bullet and re-installed Net-Beans.

Not only did it fix my Yii plugin problem but also fixed a couple of other things that are now much better after the reinstall.

Probably worthwhile doing this every once in a while.


Greg J

ok, reinstalling did solve the problem however it was short lived, a couple of months ago it just stopped working again :frowning: