NetBeans 6.8 code indent


I just noticed that NB 6.8 has a much more sophisticated way of indenting PHP-code.

Especially arrays are now indented correctly … OH YEAH!

But … maybe nothing new for you vi & emacs geeks out there ;)

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NetBeans is good but it has a very stupid behavior, it doesn’t upload empty folders via FTP (so it doesn’t upload folders like assets, runtime etc. of a Yii project).


I like NB6.8 too.

I keep discovering new features like built in SVN.

The tidy up formatting is a masterpiece - you can set the indenting to use tabs instead of spaces - it could save 10-20% on the file size:


<space><space><space><space><space><space><space><space><space> {

replaced with tabs

I think it needs JVM 6.18 to fix a couple of perfomance bugs

and the debugger is great once you get it working.

Netbeans is an excellent piece of software. Best PHP IDE out there by miles.

It’s such a shame that it’s future may be in jeopardy after the recent Oracle takeover.

I just hope it gets forked, hopefully by the same calibre of developers who have taken it so far over the last few years.

I just wrote a little blog posting about NetBeans and performance:

@ schmunk

thanks for the link. It was very helpful