Nestedsetbehavior + Actioncreate

Hi all…ime troubling with the extension nestedsetbehavior

i installed it and i have followed all the instructions that ive found…

my problem its that i dont know how to add code in actionCreate and actionUpadte inside my model

i found this code




                        echo $_POST['Category']['id'] . '<br />';

                        echo $_POST['Category']['title'] . '<br />';


                        $root = Category::model()->findByPk(1);


                        $element=new Category;




but i get this notice

Undefined index: title 

and i cant go ahead…

in my _form.php file i’ve this code

  <div class="row">




                $dataArr = array();

                $combo_populate = Category::model()->findAll();


                foreach($combo_populate as $comboVal)


                        array_push($dataArr, $comboVal['title']);



                echo CHtml::label('Seleziona:','title');

                $this->widget('application.components.widgets.yii-combobox.EJuiComboBox', array(

                        'model' => Category::model(),

                        'attribute' => 'id',

                      //  'attribute' => 'title',

                        'data' => $dataArr,

                        'options' => array(

                                'onSelect' => '',

                                'onChange' => 'alert("changed value : " + $(this).val());',

                                'allowText' => true,





can anyone help me please… ? thank you very much to all…