Nested Tbextendedgridview With Tbrelationalcolumn How To

I need help guys. I have 3 related models, Research, ResearchType, Patient.

Research has many ResearchType, Research has many Patient, ResearchType has many Patient.

I show using TbExtendedGridView research name and patient count grouped by research. After clicking additional column (TbRelationalColumn) shows list of research types, researchType name and patient count grouped by research type using TbExtendedGridView. Second gridview also has additional TbRelationalColumn which must show third gridview on which I want to show patients list belonged to research type.

I hope my explanation is understandable.

After clicking on relationalcolumn of second gridview it do not show third gridview. No ajax query to controller. It just closes second gridview.

I think something wrong with javascript, there is conflict between first and second gridview.

Names of gridviews is different. I tried also rendering with and not with javascript second gridview, but the effect is the same.

Help me guys to solve this problem.

Any suggestion please.