Nested PJAX







If we submit form in CHILD, the response will be returned PARENT which includes a child.

    There will be send 2 request, the first of which will be aborted (CHILD) and the second (PARENT) successfully returned.

    Can we send request only for CHILD ?

I’m also interested in nesting pjax. If it is not available what workaround can you suggest, except custom js (I’m particularly interested if it is possible not to write any additional js code solution).

Thanks in advance.

Can someone please explain this to us?

I am having trouble of this problem, thanks :)

Just found a solution

we just need to add skipOuterContainers to true when reload/submit the pjax

for example:

$.pjax.submit(event, ‘#container-id’ , {push:false, skipOuterContainers:true})